Self-publishing is becoming very popular with many authors who do not want to go down the traditional route of finding a publisher, and sign over rights to their work. At Diverze Books, we realise that this is becoming a very important part of the book industry, so have created a short-run print service to help authors who would like to self-publish their own titles.

Authors using Diverze Books self-publishing service will become associated with our Independent label, which will need to be placed on to your books along with the ISBN Barcode that we will supply you. As part of our Independent label, you will receive promotion via our online streams, such as our own website, our Amazon listings, and our social media streams.

Dangerous PotatoesAs an independent author, you will be expected to promote your book yourself. Some promotional suggestions…

  • Contact book bloggers to review your book. Please do not send a mass email to all the contacts you find, as you will find you will not get any response. Spend some time reading the bloggers website, and find out what the blogger likes to read, and whether your book will fit in with their interests. Be polite, and make the email you send them personal.
  • Set up your own social media sites, either for you as an author, or specific for your book. Make sure you invite all your friends to follow to help you get started. Make sure you post regularly to these sites, and also make sure you post about other things as well as your book. Try to make your posts interactive – you will get a lot more followers this way.
  • Write and send out a press release about your book, to relevant people such as newspapers and magazines, that may be interested in the genre of your book.
  • Offer to do talks about your book and being an author. For example, if you are self-publishing a children’s book, you might like to contact your local schools.
  • Join websites such as GoodReads, and encourage readers to give you reviews on your books.

Set-up Charges

At Diverze Books, we charge only a small fee of £20 per book for any authors who want to self-publish their books. The charge covers…

  • Allocation of an ISBN number and barcode creation for your book
  • Submission of your published book to the British Library (legal requirement)

Editing & Proof-Reading

Spell check, (good as it is) is no substitute for professional proof-reading and editing.  We have an extensive team of professional editors to offer help and suggestions that will enhance your writing style. Their input will turn you work from good into great.

Our editing and proof-reading services are priced on a per-book basis, so please contact us for further details.


Nothing enhances the learning experience of a book more than good pictures. Good illustrations will enthral and captivate children and help them understand a story even before they can read themselves.  With our extensive list of professional and respected artist we will be able to make your dream a visible reality.

Our illustration services are priced on a per-book basis, so please contact us for further details.


Laying out a book is a very important part of the publishing process, and can have a huge impact on the way the book is perceived. If you do not have the experience or the confidence to do this correctly, then talk to Diverze Books, and we can do this for you.

Our typesetting services are priced on a per-book basis, so please contact us for further details.

Book Printing

Technology will never stand still, and this is so true in the field of printing. For our short-run digital service we have installed state of the art Digital Print Technology to give us flexibility and offer the highest quality and production speeds to our customers.  Tradition Lithographic printing is still the number one choice for long production runs and we have the option to offer both methods to new and established clients alike.

Press Release

You’ve written the book, now make sure it gets noticed!

Help kick-start your book’s sales with a professionally written Press Release from Diverze Books.

Even if you have written the most brilliant book it will all count for little if it is not publicised effectively. A powerful press release is essential and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

For just £599 fully inclusive, Diverze Books will provide you with an ‘all-in package’ which includes a professionally written press release, strategic targeting and distribution to all relevant media in the UK.

Fundraising in 2017

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