Dangerous Potatoes Box Set

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13 stories about evil vegetables, for children aged 5-12.

  • Author: Nick Beggs

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A long way away, there is a wood. A very pretty wood that looks lovely for walking in and playing all sorts of brilliant games.

There are trees and bushes, streams and ditches, birds and rabbits. But, can you keep a secret? Well, at night in this particular wood, there are strange cruel potatoes that love nothing better than to bite people on the bottom.

If you were to go there in the daytime, you would find it’s just like any other wood really. And, when the bluebells come out…………oh…………when the bluebells come out……it truly is the prettiest wood in the world.

It’s easy to forget about all the bad things when you smell the perfume from the bluebells in Bluebell Wood. Some people say the smell can do magic. And of course that’s why people go there to walk and think and feel happy.

Oh yes, it’s so easy to forget. But you must never ever forget about………………… DANGEROUS POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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